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Novels full of secrets, tension, love, and (sometimes) redemption—Holland Kane’s books are destined to become book club favorites. The Lithuanian-born writer Gediminas Trimakas is the author of three novels, Deer CreekWinter Reeds and Morning Light published under the pen name Holland Kane. He has completed a memoir, Car Palace, that will be released under his Lithuanian name in 2017.

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He spent his childhood in Europe and his teenage years in New York City. He served with distinction in the US Army Signal Corps. Since leaving the service he fled the guilty pleasures and minor sins of corporate life, jousted with journalism, edited a literary magazine, flirted with bankruptcy, and prospered as an entrepreneur. His wife, Donna, his date since she turned 16 years old, says they overcame tribal instincts, struggled over faith, blundered into occasional folly, but  for the most part were successful together.

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Winter Reeds Discussion Questions


  1. What makes Mike Harrison a unique narrator for this story? What do you think would be different if the same events were described through Katie’s eyes? Through Sheriff Trout’s?
  2. What do you think Katie and Cole’s relationship was like before Mike met them? Was she happy with the architect?
  3. One of the things that sets Hallmark County apart is the surveillance approach to public safety, coordinated by Sheriff Trout. Do you think that police surveillance cameras, hired informers, warrantless spying on your e-mails, and now even drones, have a place or benefit in modern society? Why or why not?
  4. What do you think of Grace Ames, Katie’s mother? Was she right to take her children to New York City, or to never tell her daughter about their past?
  5. Katie stays loyal to Dakota, even after Dakota admits that she’s on the Civil Disobedience group payroll. What does this tell you about their friendship?
  6. Speaking about Sheriff Trout, Algren says “I don’t think he’s mean-spirited as some people say he is. I think he wants to be fair, even when he isn’t. He’s big on authority, but cops are that way.” Do you agree with his assessment of how power changes people with authority? Why or why not?
  7. If you were in Mike’s situation at the end, forced to choose between the film and the girl, what would you choose?
  8. One of the themes of Winter Reeds is the idea of “legitimacy” in a child’s birth. Is “legitimacy” in a family still an issue today?


Discussion questions for Morning Light and Deer Creek will be available at publication.

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